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Amphora Dressing Label Designs

Amphora is a salad dressing line created by Food Imagineering, a sauce company based out of Healdsburg, California. For this line, the client wanted a unique look that has slight variants on each bottle but wanted the whole line to be a cohesive look. I was tasked with designing a logo, labels, and overall look and feel. The client really wanted something that evoked an earthy, yet a subtle, and fresh feel that would grab attention on store shelves. This line of salad dressings can be found on store shelves of Marshall's and select stores in Germany.

Initially, the client wanted the ingredients to be the focus of the designs. Here are some simple sketches of some of the ingredients that are contained in the dressings. After going through and working out some ideas, the client decided to not feature all the ingredients (because there were so many) but the look and feel of these sketches really initiated the goal of the final design.

Great attention to detail needed to be emphasized in order to make sure that the nutrition facts were correct, proper labeling compliance was upheld, and all barcodes were accurate.


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