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Insight Housing Staff Event Berkeley

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Our mission is ensuring everyone in our community has a home through supportive, equitable, and sustainable housing solutions.

Event photography for Insight Housing at Berkeley Historic Hotel

Ligala Manns
We are thrilled to announce the addition of Ligala Manns to the Insight Housing Board! Ligala is a retired Veteran of the US Army Signal Corps and a former Insight Housing client. Our team first met Ligala in 2022 when we assisted in her family's move from Sacramento to Alameda. Since then, Ligala has been a consistent and outspoken advocate for herself and other unsheltered and vulnerable Veterans. Ms. Manns' strength, resilience, and determination have been an inspiration to Insight Housing's staff. Her insights and lived experiences have directly led to the implementation of new strategies and improvements for our Women's and disabled Veteran's services. We are grateful to have Ligala on this journey and look forward to working with her to make a meaningful impact on the lives we serve. Welcome, Ligala, to the Insight Housing Board!

Event photos shared on social media. Check them out!


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