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Lavender Stickers

Say hello to my pupper, Lavender. She is such a good girl! I created illustrations of her and printed stickers. Hundreds of stickers were given out for free to members at Pipeworks, in Sacramento where she works part-time with her dog-dad as the "emotional support associate". If a member comes in with a down mood, she is sure to greet them and put a smile on their face with a couple of demanded pats.

This is her fist time visiting Yosemite National Park. In the photo, she is grinning ear to ear because we had just finished a bike ride through the valley. We had also attended a Jr. Park Ranger public meeting and earned a wooden badge for picking up trash.

Illustration created in Adobe Fesco July 2022

Lavender wearing a crocheted beanie that I made for my husband. her dog-dad.

Illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator 2022

Lavender dog wearing beanie purple background disc golf net

P.S. Lavender also loves playing disc golf!


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