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Digital Menus and Ads

For this project, Risa was tasked with creating two layouts (one layout per flat-screen tv) that necessitated being able to organize lots of different information, ad space, logo space, and that is displayed in an easily digestible way to help customers with their purchasing options. The content in the menus was programmed to link with the store's inventory so that the inventory displayed on the menus was current and up-to-date. This project necessitated a keen eye for information design and information hierarchy.

Digital Menu frame (#1) that is displayed on a flat screen TV in the budroom of dispensaries.

Digital menus and ads at Safe Accessible Solutions (Sacramento)

Ads that were displayed on the menus in the budrooms were part of a "slotting" program that was run by The Seed Group. The advertisements listed below were designed by Risa, some of which featured photographs taken by her; mostly product photos and/or lifestyle images.


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