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Dos Coyotes Social Media

Dos Coyotes is a restaurant chain located in Northern California. They have been in operation for approximately thirty years. They have a "cult following" of regular, dedicated customers that have been dining with them from the start. Dos Coyotes wanted a refresh; a broader audience, updated graphics, consistent posting, and inclusive video content for a younger demographic.

The main solution that needed to be thought out was how to tap into the younger demographic that is very close to the same demographic as Chipotle. After researching Chipotle's social media content and branding tone, I was able to create a plan that avoided using the same strategies. I relied on local influencers and curated graphics to create a social media identity for Dos Coyotes that organically grew their digital audience.


Post Samples


Curated Digital Design

How Do You Dos Animated Gif


Influencer Videos



Using the analytical tools incorporated within Hootsuite, I was able to organically grow Dos Coyote's page views, content clicks, and follower count. Regularly posting videos created by local influencers allowed for parasocial advertising. This strategy was cheaper and than purchasing conventional online advertisements. Hiring local influencers was beneficial for reaching a broader target audience considering that Dos Coyote's normal demographic typically only uses Facebook. The younger influencers touched on a different age demographic than what Dos Coyotes is typically used to selling to. This expanded their reach and sales especially in college-towns like Davis, California. The Dos Coyotes location near Sacramento State also did particularly well.



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